Heeellllo Brammo

Our first new Brammo electric motorcycles are here! We now have a Brammo Enertia demo model. The 2010 Electric Motorcycle of the year, the Enertia represents an iconic and defining design for electric motorcycles. Celebrating the spirit, fun and approachability of the simple, lightweight motorcycle, which has a magical place in transportation history, was a primary design goal for the Enertia. A blend of old school purist themes and new school technology, the Enertia strikes a perfect balance between the familiar and the future of motorcycling.

Although the Enertia may look different, you will probably recognize some of the components; Marzocchi forks, Brembo brakes, and Elka shocks are just a few. Quality parts and an industry leading battery help to separate the Enertia from the pack. Check out more specs, including how far you can travel between charges, on the Brammo Website.

Sound like fun? We thought so! Try out our demo model today.

Keep an eye out for the Brammo Empulse, expected to arrive in late fall…

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