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Brammo Empulse R in Action | Video

2012 Brammo Empulse R Video
Brammo recently released a new video showing their flagship electric sportbike – the Empulse R – in action on back roads in Malibu in in downtown LA.
The Empulse R has been all the talk regarding electric motorcycles. Why? Brammo claims the machine has a top speed over 100mph, and gets 121 [...]

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BMW reveals electric scooter

By: Visordown News

BMW has revealed pictures of its prototype electric scooter. Although disguised (note: why disguise a bike, then release pictures of it to the press?) the concept is clearly a runner and it doesn’t look like it’s far from a production-ready reality.
Here’s what BMW has to say about it:

Space is becoming increasingly scarce in [...]

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