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Hello All,

Recent tropical storms aside, we have really been enjoying all of the summer riding weather. This is a great time to get out and get involved in some of the motorcycle events within the Tampa Area. Keep an eye on our events calendar to see where you can catch the Euro Cycles crew in the Big Red Truck. If you help to organize or are involved in an event, or know of something interesting coming up, let us know – we are always looking for opportunities to broaden our horizons and meet new people.

Our recent RawHyde Adventures Dirt Riding Clinic was a huge success. Over 35 adventure riders of all skill levels, ranging in age from 20s all the way to 70s, showed up to learn from our expert guides Sean and Lance Thomas. The clinic was held on a donated piece of property right here in Odessa- no hills but plenty of dirt and grass to practice some low speed maneuvers. We had Multistradas, plenty of GS and GS Adventures, and an assortment of other enduro bikes represented. The clinic focused on riding confidently on all types of surfaces, how to conquer unexpected obstacles, and piloting in small spaces. Hopefully everyone came away with some useful information, but at the very least a yummy free lunch! Thanks to all of the participants and also our experts from RawHyde Adventures. If you have an interest in offroad riding, whatever your skill level, RawHyde is a great resource. Check them out on the web at rawhyde-offroad.com.

We recently participated in another interesting event, Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s CoolTECH technology showcase. The symposium included over 50 interactive exhibits featuring emerging technologies in mobile, biotech, web, energy and more. CoolTECH is the premier showcase of new technologies and cutting edge inovations in the region. Over 500 decision makers, thought leaders and innovators from the technology and business community attended the event. Blake and I, along with an S1000RR, 1199 Panigale, and Brammo Enertia, showed off some of the cool technology found right here at Euro Cycles. From electronic traction control to electric motorcycles – you saw it first at Euro Cycles! Here’s what Blake had to say about the event:

“Despite what you may think, Motorcycles definitely were welcomed at the 2012 CoolTech technology expo. There we were, mixed in amongst IT, Robotic, and Medical Technology vendors; the proverbial sore thumb, yet one might notice that we were drawing the largest crowd. Shocking! All of the bikes drew their fair share of attention. Not too surprisingly, given its company, the Brammo Enertia drew the largest crowd. The novelty of a full electric bike really seemed to appeal to the technology masses. Aaron and I had a great time meeting everyone and making a few really solid contacts. I would venture to say we would’ve won the Best Vendor award if it had not been for some pretty smart middle schoolers who were driving around the robots they made. I guess if you’re into that sort of thing you would pick them first. All in all, it was an awesome experience. Looking forward to next year. ” Thanks Blake!

Until Next Time, Aaron


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