New Product Alert – Radians Custom Molded Earplugs & Sonomax Eers PCS-150 & PCS-250 Custom Fitted Earpieces

Radians Custom Molded Earplugs

This brand new product from Radian provides an easy, do-it-yourself kit for a custom molded plug designed to fit your ear. Anyone who has ridden long distances surely knows the value of the noise reduction provided by a nice set of earplugs. Only problem is that the one size fits all approach employed by most earplugs on the market, well, one size does not always fit all. Radians offers a comfortable solution at a very reasonable price. In just 10 minutes, you can have a pair of custom plugs made just for you. All you have to do is blend together the two mixtures provided in the packaging, insert into your ears, and wait. The simple instructions provided are easy to follow. Your end result will be a supremely cofortable set of earplugs customer molded to fit your ears. The plugs can be washed to ensure long lasting wear. Radians earplugs will lower the sound level 26db’s, reducing the overall sound but not completely silencing it, an important safety feature. Buy a set of Radians Custom Molded Earplugs today at Euro Cycles for only $20! At that price, why not get a spare set as well?

Sonomax Eers PCS-150 & PCS-250 Custom Fitted Earpieces

Sonomax® bundles more than twelve patented technologies into a disposable fitting system that delivers a customized earpiece designed to seamlessly interface with any number of application modules such as earphones, hearing protection devices, Bluetooth™ headsets, and other in-ear products.  What you get is basically the in-ear housing for your audio electronic devices; made extremely wearable by the custom fitting process.

Previously, earpiece custom fitting required a visit to an ear specialist, followed by waiting weeks for laboratory molding. SonoFit™ by Sonomax® takes just minutes and requires only 3 easy steps.  SonoFit™ consists of a patented modular earpiece, a pair of inflation pumps and a medical grade silicone compound, all bundled neatly into a disposable headband.  Prior to customization, the earpiece fits comfortably in the smallest ears, yet is large enough to house the electronics for most in-ear applications.  Its inner core consists of a hard molded plastic shell encased by a soft silicone bladder. The fitting also provides proper earpiece orientation during the four minute customization process.  If you are curious about the custom fitting process, our parts specialist, Zac, tried out a set of the plugs.  He would be happy to give his opinion of the product and his experience will soon be featured in a new video on our youtube channel.

Euro Cycles is now offering two types of Sonomax Eers, the PCS-150 and PCS-250.  With the PCS-150 you get single driver, dynamic speaker, single button in-line microphone compatible with all mobile devices that gives you a crisp, detailed sound.  The PCS-150 sells for $199.  The PCS-250 offers dual balanced armature speakers with crossover, Single button in-line microphone compatible with all mobile devices that gives you a extreme wide band support and extended high, MID and low frequency response  The PCS-250 has a retail price of $299. Check out the Sonomax Website for more information.

by Luke Wilke, Euro Cycles Parts Manager

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